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Posted By Kari Trapskin 09-06-2023 22:15
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Welcome to the PSW Provider Status Network Page! We hope that you find this page useful in communicating with colleagues and PSW staff as Pharmacist Provider Status moves forward in the coming months. Check out this link on the PSW website for steps you can take on your path to preparing for Medicaid ...
Posted By Kari Trapskin 10-27-2022 09:42
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The PSW Provider Status Implementation Task Force is hard at work creating and compiling resources to help ambulatory and community practice settings implement provider status. Please share how you or your organization has marketed or promoted your clinical services -- to patients, prescribers, community ...
Posted By Kari Trapskin 10-27-2022 09:32
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Thanks for joining us here to discuss provider status for Wisconsin Medicaid and the latest regarding implementation of Wisconsin Act 98. Please submit your questions, comments, stories, and experiences on this page. We look forward to the conversations!