Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacogenetics Member Meet-Up (Open Forum)

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  • 1.  Welcome & Thank you for Joining !

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    Posted 10-18-2022 17:40

    Good Afternoon - 

    Thank you PSW membership for joining the PSW Pharmacogenomic/Genetics Member Meet Up! We had a great kick off meeting today and a lot of great questions after Emili provided a introduction into Pharmacogenomics/genetics. 

    Here are some great links and resources provided in the discussion: 

    Table of Pharmacogenomic Associations:

    Watch the PSWN library for links and summary to possible PGx Certificate Programs. 

    If you have questions or other topics that you might like to see this team tackle please share in this chat! 
    Thank again for joining! 

    Sarah Pagenkopf, PharmD, BCPS
    PSW Director of Professional & Educational Services

  • 2.  RE: Welcome & Thank you for Joining !

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    Posted 10-19-2022 10:21

    Thank you to Dr. Emili Leary, PharmD - Research, Clinical, MTMP and Outpatient Pharmacist at Marshfield Clinic Health System. She shared a few PGx certificate programs available, that she discussed at the Pharmacogenomic/Pharmacogenetics members meet up last evening. Click on the links below or review the attachments for more details. 

    Certificate Courses/Classes for Practicing Professionals:

    There are a few programs that do offer a certificate in PGx that have varying degrees of flexibility (alphabetical order):

    • ACCP Certificate in Pharmacogenomics – 24 hours of ACPE continuing education for pharmacists.  Uses online modules, recorded lectures, Zoom meetings, online activities and then 4 'live' virtual sessions (usually 1 week apart, 2 hours each).  Requires 70% min passing score on both the activities and final exam, all of which allow 2 attempts. 100% online.  (This program was modeled after the University of Colorado Skaggs Certificate Program.)
    • ASHP Certificate in Pharmacogenomics  – 20 hours of ACPE continuing education for pharmacists.  Uses recorded presentations, worksheets and readings.  Requires 80% minimum passing score on final exam (unlimited attempts). 100% online.
      Marshfield Clinic Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program (attachment): Students complete the certificate during an intensive 2 week experience, where the expected time to commit is 40 hours each week for 2 weeks. The 80 total hours of time typically occurs Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.  Currently hosted 100% virtual, with in-person sessions planned when COVID allows.
    • Mayo Clinic Certificate Program  – 16 hours of respective Continuing Education (ACPE, AMA, ANCC, etc.).  Uses online lectures, panels and a post test. Unsure of additional details, but see attached.
    • Test2Learn Community-Based Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program  – 20 hours of ACPE continuing ed for pharmacists.  Uses home study (12h) and in-person (8h) structure.  This one I think requires contacting them to see about details; it is out of University of Pittsburgh. 
    • University of Florida Options – University of Florida Health offers several PGx options at various pricing. Their Certificate Program is $699 and has 25 hours of continuing education, and is fully online.  They use lectures and assignments, and learners must achieve at least 80% on all coursework.  100% online, course must be completed within 16 weeks.  Paper certificate upon completion for a fee.

    Sarah Pagenkopf, PharmD, BCPS
    PSW Director of Professional & Educational Services