• Welcome to PSW Network

    PSW Network: Connect. Collaborate. Advance.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that authentic and meaningful connection matters. PSW is invested in providing our members a place to connect wherever you are.  We are pleased to introduce PSW Network.

    PSW Network is an online space where PSW members can come together to share ideas, and find solutions to shared problems across practice areas. Whether you’re a pharmacist, resident, student, technician, or retired member of PSW, you’ll find community here.

    Key points:

    • Single Sign On: Your login to the PSW main site ( and PSW Network ( are one and the same.
    • Profile: Your PSW Network profile is your place to show up and show off. Although your contact info will pull from our membership database, you can also customize with your accomplishments and experiences. There’s even an option to link to other social networks. Tell us about yourself!
    • Communities: These are shared spaces for discussion along a certain theme. Some communities are for pre-existing groups that conduct regular meetings, like the Medication Safety Collaborative or the Pain Stewardship Group. Some communities are just open forums based on popular topics. If you are a member of a committee, there’s a space for that too – you’ll hear more from your PSW Staff liaison.
      • Activities within a community: Once you’ve joined a community, you can post a discussion thread, upload content, and direct message with your peers, old and new.

    *Looking for a community that doesn’t exist? Let us know! Email

    • Community Rules & Etiquette and Privacy Guidelines: The first time you sign on, you’ll be asked to agree to our community standards.